What Zovirax is used for?

Zovirax, being an antiviral drug, is used for the treating of herpes infection. However, the drug doesn`t cure herpes, it lessens its symptoms letting the body overcome the infection.
One should use Zovirax to treat herpes infections. The drug is able to help you overcome shingles, cold sores, chicken pox and genital herpes.

Precautions: One should not use Zovirax in case she or he is allergic to its active component acyclovir. If you have kidney disease or any other health problems, you should speak to your doctor before using Zovirax.
Zovirax has FDA pregnancy category B. It is not harmful to a fetus; however you should notify your doctor in case you get pregnant during treatment. Zovirax may harm a nursing baby. Do not use Zovirax while you are breast-feeding.

Administration: Zovirax is an oral drug that is released in different forms. You can buy Zovirax liquid or Zovirax tablets.
While taking Zovirax one should follow all the instructions and recommendations. If you forget something, consult the label or phone your healthcare provider. Do not take Zovirax in larger or smaller doses than you were directed to. You may take Zovirax with food or independently.
If you have oral suspension, shake it well before using. Use a special device to measure a correct dose. Do not use your regular kitchen utensils such as spoons or cups to measure your dose. If you do not have a device, get one at the pharmacy.
You should take Zovirax for the full time as prescribed to make sure the infection is cleared from your body. Remember that Zovirax is unable to treat common cold or flu - so do not use the medicine for these purposes.
Do not skip the doses. Avoid overdosing. Once you have seizure, problems with urination or hallucinations, you should know that these are the symptoms of overdose. Call an ambulance once you experience them.

Zovirax side effects: While using Zovirax one may notice the signs of an allergic reaction, such as facial swelling, swollen mouth, hives, breathing problems. Call an ambulance once you experience any of the above mentioned.
Zovirax severe side effects are the following: unusual weakness, urinating less than usual, easy bruising, pain in one`s lower back, easy bleeding, urinating not at all.
You may continue taking Zovirax once you have less serious side effects that include: swollen feet, diarrhea, loss of appetite, swollen hands, stomach pain, nausea, feeling light-headed, vomiting, headache.

Drug interactions : Zovirax may interact with the following medicines: Prograf (tacrolimus), cidofovir, Rapamune (sirolimus), Hecoria (tacrolimus), Vistide (cidofovir), tizanidine, Zanaflex (tizanidine).
Before using Zovirax, please, notify your healthcare provider of any medications you are using at the moment, such as over-the-counter medications, prescription meds, vitamins or minerals, herbs or supplements.

Important information to know about Zovirax: One should know that despite being on Zovirax, he or she still can infect others if contacting with them. To prevent this, do not touch anybody with the part of your body which is infected. If you are using Zovirax to treat genital herpes, bare in mind that the infection may pass to your partner if not using condoms.

Proper Zovirax storage: One should store Zovirax away from heat, away from moisture. Store at room temperature.

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