About Cytotec

Cytotec is another name which is given for the drug which is known as Misoprostol. Ulcers and duodenum are usually treated by prescribing Cytotec. In certain cases, Cytotec is prescribed to induce an abortion instead of terminating a pregnancy by performing a surgical procedure. Cytotec contains prostaglandin E1. This will curtail the production of pepsin and gastric acids in the stomach and also prevent any kind of ulcers from forming in the gastrointestinal lining. Labour can also be induced by injecting Cytotec. Treatments after miscarriage as well as postpartum haemorrhage can also be carried out by prescribing cytotec without prescription.

How Does Cytotec Work? When a person takes Cytotec, the mucous membranes present in the gastrointestinal tract will start secreting larger amounts of blood and mucus which will also increase the thickness of the mucosal layer. The tissues will also get stabilised in this manner and the parietal cells which release pepsin will also get disabled and blocked. All kinds of gastric ulcers can be avoided by taking Cytotec. People usually take buy cytotec no prescription in the form of tablets in order to prevent the formation of ulcers in the stomach as well as the duodenum.

Cytotec Dosages: The dosage of Cytotec will be dependent on the specific medical condition for which it has been prescribed. Four doses of Cytotec will be required in one day when ulcers in the stomach and duodenum need to be avoided. When Cytotec is needed in order to complete an abortion or to induce labour, the dosage amount will be dependent on the progress of the pregnancy. People who are heart patients, liver patients or kidney patients should not take cytotec no prescription. People, who have a pre-existing medical condition which requires some kind of medication, should inform the doctor about this condition so that he can alter his prescription accordingly.

Cytotec Uses: Very few drugs are available in the market which can help in inducing an abortion. One of these drugs is Cytotec. Women who would like to have an abortion but do not want to go in for surgery can decide to take buy cytotec. This is an oral medicine which is available in the market at reasonable prices. The person who requires an abortion need not go in for a surgery and anaesthesia will not have to be applied. The possibility of infertility occurring due to surgery will also be reduced in this manner.
Women who want to take Cytotec can also do so in the privacy of their homes. Once the patient has taken the buy cytotec online pill, the abortion will be completed within 24 -72 hours. It is better to consult a doctor after a fortnight in order to ensure that the abortion has been completed. There could be certain cases where small amounts of tissue from the foetus and placenta are still present inside the uterus. A suction procedure will have to be performed in such a scenario in order to ensure that all the remaining tissues are also removed.

Final Provisions: If a patient undergoes a miscarriage or post partum haemorrhage, Cytotec will be given to the patient for treatment purposes. Post partum haemorrhage usually takes place after labour or delivery when excessive bleeding from the uterus begins to occur. Blood is also found in the stools in some such cases. Sometimes bleeding also takes place from the vagina, rectum and the gums. It is also possible that secondary haemorrhage will take place two weeks after the birth of the child. Buy Cytotec without prescription is also used for inducing labour when the pregnancy has exceeded the predicted due date.

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