What Is Cozaar

Cozaar is a drug which is used in the treatment of high blood pressure or hypertension. Certain patients can be treated for hypertension by using Cozaar in isolation while in some other cases it will be necessary to make use of Cozaar along with other forms of medication as a combination.

How Does Cozaar Work? The drug Cozaar will act upon the element which causes a contraction in the blood vessels and hence restricts the free flow of blood. Such a condition leads to high blood pressure or hypertension. Cozaar can also be used to regulate the balance of salt and water inside the body. Certain chemicals which are present in the blood will block the normal flow of blood in the blood vessels and this will result in high blood pressure. When Cozaar is prescribed in such conditions, potassium salt is generated and this will ensure that the blood pressure stays normal.

Cozaar Dosage: The amount of Cozaar which should be taken will be dependent on the medical condition of the patient. Patients will usually be asked to take Cozaar in the form of tablets of 30mg or 40mg. The doctor will decide whether the medicine needs to be taken before food or after food. The patient will have to continue taking Cozaar for a whole month before any kind of change is noticed in his condition. The drug Cozaar should be stored in a place which is not highly exposed to heat and light.

Side Effects Of Cozaar: Patients who have been taking Cozaar are likely to experience some kind of side effects. A contraction in the chest or chest pain will usually be experienced. The heart beat might slow down and the pulse might also become weak in certain cases. The skin will also become pale easily. The possibility of wounds and bleeding also exists when the patient has been taking Cozaar on a regular basis. The patient might experience severe headaches and dizziness apart from a cough and sore throat. The feet will also get swollen and the patient might also experience severe pain in the stomach apart from diarrhoea. Pain will also be experienced in the muscles and the legs apart from the backbone.
The process of inhaling air could also be difficult since the nose will be blocked due to the fluid which has been formed inside the nose. Extreme swelling will also be experienced in the hands and feet. Many patients who have been asked to take Cozaar have complained about feeling extremely tired and exhausted most of the time apart from the lack of ability to sleep properly. Such symptoms can cause extreme fatigue and discomfort and they should inform the doctor about them immediately.

Precautions: Women who are pregnant should avoid taking Cozaar. They should inform the doctor about their condition so that they can prescribe an alternative medication for stabilising the high blood pressure. If pregnant women take Cozaar, it could lead to the death of the unborn child inside them. Women who have been asked to take Cozaar should ensure that they are also making use of some effective form of birth control.
Before the patient starts taking Cozaar, the doctor should test him for allergies so that an alternative medication can be prescribed if required. Patients who have been asked to take Cozaar should make sure that the medicine is not mixed with alcohol since this can cause a drop in the blood pressure and this could lead to some drastic side effects. Other medicines containing potassium salt should not be consumed along with Cozaar. Once the patient has started taking Cozaar, the blood pressure should be checked on a regular basis in order to ensure that the medication is working in the right manner.

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