About Celexa

Celexa contains Serotonin which is a neurotransmitter and the increased amount of Celexa in turn improves brain transmitting ability of message conveying from one nerve cell to the other. Citalopram is antidepressant as it affects brain chemicals that can become unbalanced and cause depression, so Celexa is mainly used for treatment of depression although it can be used for a number of other purposes as well like mental or mood disorders, prevention of suicidal thoughts/attempts and other important mental conditions, but proper medical prescription is needed for its use for any purpose. Patients may start feeling better immediately after start of Celexa treatment (within weeks) but full effects of Celexa cannot be fully comprehended till several weeks of onset of this treatment.
Celexa is an orally administered selective serotonin uptake inhibitor (SSRI) whose chemical structure is not related to other SSRIs and not to even tricyclic, tetracyclic antidepressant agents available in market. Celexa is a racemic bicyclic phthalane derivative whose molecular formula is C20H22BrFN2O and its molecular weight is 405.35. Physically Celexa appears to be white or off-white fine powder which is sparingly soluble in water and completely soluble in ethanol. In , market, celexa without prescription is available as tablets as well as oral solution.10mg tablets of Celexa are film coated, oval in shape containing Citalopram HBr in equivalent strength of 10mg Citalopram base. Similar is the calculation of equivalent strengths within 20 and 40mg tablets of Celexa. In beige and pink tablets, iron oxides are used as coloring agents.

Mechanism Of Action Of Celexa: Celexa is a very successful antidepressant and 50% patients using Celexa medication get positive response within four weeks of its use and two third patients out of all, get rid of their depression by continuous use of Celexa. Overall success rate of Celexa regarding ending depression is 60-70%. Celexa`s side effects are also considerably less than other formulas available in market for same purpose.
Working mechanism of Celexa is based on chemical imbalance theory of mental illness also commonly called as brain cooties. Serotonin levels of brain are effectively raised by buy celexa online resulting in longer serotonin soaking of synapses by slowing down serotonin transmission mechanism deeper into neurons.

Recommended Dosage Of Celexa: Usual recommended daily dosage of Celexa is 20mg which could be increased on doctor`s recommendation. Buy celexa should be taken daily at morning or evening with or without food. Body weight, other medical conditions and other medicines used by patent will affect medicine dose and doctor`s recommendation is final in this regard as patients should always stick to doctor`s recommendation at all times especially n case of this medicine. If one dose is missed then try to take Celexa as soon as possible along with continuation of regular medicine schedule. If time of next dose of Celexa has approached, then, skipping of missed dose while continuing with regular medication schedule is highly recommended.

Possible Side Effects Of Celexa: With the use of Celexa, Allergic reactions like skin rash, hives and difficulty in breathing, swelling on face, lips, tongue or throat can occur. Sometimes after Celexa medication, mood behavior changes, panic attacks, anxiety, troubled sleep, suicidal thoughts, irritation, hostility, aggression etc. can also occur as a side effect of this drug. Stiffing of muscles, high fever, sweating, tremors, nausea, diarrhea, headache or seizure etc. can also occur and in case of serious side effect immediate contact with doctor is highly recommended.

Instructions Regarding Storing Of Celexa: Celexa can be stored at room temperature, however protection from moisture is required and buy celexa without prescription should always be kept away from reach of children.

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