About Xenical

Xenical is a weight loss drug approved for use by those who are overweight. This is usually measured by what is known as the body mass index or BMI in short. The ideal BMI is between twenty and twenty five. Xenical is used to treat those who have a high body mass index of thirty. Xenical may also be used by those who have a body mass index greater than twenty seven if they are at risk of developing hypertension or high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol or tryglycerides. Xenical is also used by those who have lost weight to prevent them from gaining it back. The use of Xenical is combined with a strict diet and an exercise program to achieve the desired results.

How Xenical Works: The body cannot absorb fat in its raw molecular form. This is because they are too large to pass through the gut and into the blood stream. The body also contains two enzymes that are found in the digestive tract that are responsible for breaking down fat. This makes it easy for the body to absorb the fat. These enzymes are known as gastric lipases and pancreatic lipase. Xenical Without Prescription comes in capsules containing orlistat. This is the active ingredient that belongs to a group of drugs known as lipase inhibitors. Xenical is consumed with food and it works to prevent the action of the lipase enzymes. Hence allowing the fat to pass through your digestive system and out in your stool.

Xenical Dosage: Xenical is usually taken three times a day with each meal. The dosage of Xenical is usually determined by your doctor.

Precautions When Taking Xenical: You should inform the doctor if you have allergies to any of the ingredients found in Xenical. You should also inform you doctor if you are suffering from any problems with your gallbladder, if you suffer from a condition known as chronic malabsorption syndrome a condition that makes you unable to properly absorb nutrients or if you are pregnant. Xenical cannot be used by those who are pregnant. Xenical limits your body`s ability to absorb certain vitamins that are vital to a developing fetus. Before you start taking Xenical you should inform your doctor if you have a history of the following conditions; an underactive thyroid a condition known as hypothyroidism, if you suffer from a history of kidney stone or gall stones, if you have any of the two types of diabetes, if you have had any eating disorder, if you have had pancreatitis, if you have had any kidney or liver problems and/or if you take any over the counter medication that is meant to help you lose weight. If you start using Xenical you should reduce your intake of fat. This is because a large fat intake while on Xenical can lead to some unwanted side effects. Xenical should not be used by those in between the ages of twelve and eighteen.

Side Effects Of Xenical: Some side effects of using Xenical may include hives, rashes, itching, unexplained swelling or you may start to have difficulty breathing which may be an indication that you are allergic to the ingredients in the drug. Common side effects that are associated with the use of Xenical may include changes in how you pass stool. You may start to pass stool more often, you may have a decreased ability to control your bowel movements, you may start to pass oily stool, you may experience an increase in the number of times that you have to pass stool and/or you pass gas as you pass stool. Inform your doctor if any of these side effects persist. Some serious side effects of taking that may require your doctors immediate attention includes severe lower back pain, an increase in weight, yellowing of the skin, decrease in the amount of urine you get to pass and/or blood in the urine.

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