About Vardenafil

Vardenafil is a drug that must be taken after a good deal of consultation from your doctor. You must take Vardenafil only and only if the doctor approves right after you inform the doctor of your complete biological history. You may not be allowed to tale Vardenafil by the doctor if you use a drug that contains nitrate and helps ease chest pain and other heart related problems. If Vardenafil is taken with a nitrate then the patient will surely suffer from a sudden and sharp decrease in blood pressure. You will have to inform the doctor of certain conditions before you are approved for taking Vardenafil as your treatment medicine. You might not be approved to take Vardenafil if you have a disease related to your heart; it can be anything, from heart problems to problems related to the rhythm of the heart. Vardenafil might not be given to people who have a history of a heart attack, a stroke or a heart failure. Vardenafil should only be taken by a proper doctor`s consultation if the person is suffering from high or low blood pressure.
Patients who have a history of seizures would also have to check with the doctor if he is suitable to take Vardenafil or not. Any blood cell disorders or unpredictable bleeding disorders should be taken in to account before the person is approved to be treated by Vardenafil. Vardenafil might not be given to those people who have serious eye disorders.
If you are breast feeding your baby then you should be fairly warned that Vardenafil can be toxic for your baby as it can easily pass from your blood to the baby`s milk and then to the baby. So you need to consult a doctor before you start taking Vardenafil if you are breast feeding.

Vardenafil Uses: Vardenafil has the tendency and the capacity to increase the cGMP level of penile tissues. Penile tissues are the production and storage site of phosphodiesterase. This substance has the ability to reduce the amount of muscle relaxants that are present in the body. Vardenafil no prescription acts on the offense by blocking the site that releases the substance. Thereby it helps to increase the level of the muscle relaxants of the body.

The Proper Dosage Of Vardenafil: You do not have a scheduled course of Vardenafil. It is taken whenever and however it needs to be taken. This is why you cannot miss a dose. But you should refrain from taking it in huge quantities. If you do and any of the side effects that have been mentioned do come about then it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. You cannot use Vardenafil with alcohol.

Side Effects Of Vardenafil: Vardenafil is a very strong medicine and thus it is associated with a tremendous amount of side effects. Vardenafil can cause a sudden loss in both hearing and the ability to see properly. Vardenafil can cause immense pain in the chest, or it can cause a tremendous amount of nausea in the patient too. Vardenafil is also responsible for causing convulsions or seizures in various patients, and it can be the root cause of erections that pain and last for a long time. Vardenafil is also responsible for various allergic reactions like selling of facial features that can either be the lip, chin, cheeks or the tongue. Vardenafil is also held responsible for the feeling of numbness that spreads all over the arms. It can also cause the heart to beat irregularly. Vardenafil can also make the ankles and feet swell up in size. some of the meagre side effects of the drug Vardenafil include a nose that is either wet or runny, dizziness time after time, headaches, a stomach that is upset and severe pain in the back. Vardenafil can also cause the face, neck and chest to redden.

Vardenafil Storage: Vardenafil is stored in airtight containers that are never kept under direct sunlight or heat. Vardenafil is kept at room temperature.

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