What Propecia is used for?

Propecia is an effective medicament that prevents testosterone from transformation into dihydrotestosterone. Propecia is a medication for men, which helps them to cope with the most delicate problem - hair loss. Hair loss is a condition when hair on the scalp becomes thin. As the result, this problem leads to bald temple areas.

Propecia: contraindications Remember that Propecia medicament isn`t prescribed to women and children. This medication is only for men. Finasteride is absorbed through the skin, and women or children should avoid taking buy propecia without prescription pills. These pills are dangerous for women`s health, they mustn`t be taken or even touched by the pregnant, as they cause birth defects.
If you are prescribed to take Propecia tablets, inform your doctor, whether you are allergic to finasteride, or to a similar meds known as dutasteride Avodart.
Visit your healthcare provider to control your state during the treatment with propecia without prescription. Be attentive, because the medication may cause prostate cancer in you.

Propecia: precautions To be sure that Propecia medicament is safe for your health, appeal to a doctor and discuss with him or her all disorders you have. Tell your therapist if you have problems with liver or abnormal liver enzyme tests. Let your medical provider know whether you suffer from prostate cancer or bladder muscle disorders. Inform your doctor whether you have problems with urination, or whether you have any allergic reactions to any drugs.

Propecia during pregnancy and breast-feeding: Remember that Propecia medication is forbidden for female consumption. Be alert, because the medicine causes severe birth defects. Pregnant women should avoid contacting with propecia no prescription medicament. Women shouldn`t touch pills in case they are crushed or broken. If the contact has happened, it is necessary to wash the affected zone with water and soap immediately. But in any case, if something goes wrong, you should appeal to a specialist and discuss all problems with him.

Administration: Propecia must be taken strictly as prescribed. Do not adjust the dosage and the period of treatment on your own; follow the directions on the label or those given by a medical specialist. Don`t avoid using the medication, if you want to get positive results from the treatment. A course of treatment is usually individual and it depends on the severity of a patient`s condition.
It is recommended to take Propecia pills with water. It is up to you, either to take the medicine with food or without. For better effect you should take buy propecia no prescription tablets at the same time. This med is indicated for long-term use. So, if you don`t see any positive changes in your health, it is essential to contact your therapist and give all necessary medical tests that will help to discover the reason of such effect. Check your blood and prostate regularly. In general, a treatment course may take 12 months. So, if you suddenly stop using buy propecia medicament, you will spoil all your treatment.

Propecia possible side effects: Your body needs time to adjust to a new medicine. Be attentive because buy propecia online may develop several negative effects in you. The first signs of such symptoms are: abnormal ejaculation; skin rash; runny nose; headache; dizziness; weakness; swelling of extremities; tenderness in your breasts; loss of interest in sex; impotence or troubles with having an orgasm. Seek for medical attendance asap if you have any of these side effects.
You shouldn`t ignore such symptoms as hives; difficulty breathing; nipple discharge; breast lumps or any types of pain. All of these are the signs of male breast cancer.

Drug interactions: Before you start to take Propecia medication you should consult doctor and ask about safe interaction of this med with others medicines. Inform your medical provider in case you are assigned to take minerals, vitamins, herbal meds or any others.

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